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Patient Referral Forms and Instructions

Sometimes, patients need more than just a light checkup to assess and handle what issues they may be dealing with.  In these cases, a referral is often used to get the patient any tests and vital care they may require.  There are a few important steps when it comes to referring patients to a clinic such as CorCare, with aiding resources available below: 

Inform the Patient
Inform the Receiving Doctor
Document Referrals

First and foremost when referring a patient to a clinic is to make sure the patient is aware of what is going on and to focus on keeping them 'in the loop' in regards to the medical care they are receiving and may require. By communicating with and informing the patient of what is going on, it keeps them from fear or worry of what could be wrong with them, and reinforces doctor-patient trust.

Secondly, when referring a patient to a clinic, is to make sure that the receiving doctor is aware of the incoming referral. This allows them time to make preparations, and to work with the patient on scheduling a visit so that they can receive the care they need. By keeping the receiving doctor informed, it helps to streamline the referral process and move the patient towards recovery quickly and efficiently.

As with most situations in the medical field, it is important to document your referral. Not only does this help keep a good record for you to help with later referrals, but it can be important for the patient as well.

Throughout the referral process, make sure to stay involved as well, especially in cases where the referral is for testing. Keeping up with and managing the referral helps keep you informed on what help your patient may need, as well as aiding your patient in making sure there is no important information left unknown regarding them.

If you, a healthcare provider, are looking to refer your patient to CorCare for testing or specialist care, use one of the provided PDF forms below to document and submit a referral to CorCare.

Corcare Referral Form

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