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The CorCare Patient Experience

CorCare is unique in our approach to health care delivery. By working in partnership with referring physicians and hospitals, our patients move seamlessly through the health care system without delay. 

From the clinic to the hospital, our patients receive consistent care from the same cardiologist.The benefits to our patients are unique – quality care, delivered quickly, effectively and compassionately.

Community Integration

All of Corcare’s cardiologists work within the Scarborough Health Network and the Lakeridge Health Ajax Hospital. This integration means our patients receive consistent care from the same specialist, whether in our clinic or in the hospital. We extend our expertise further in the community by providing continuous medical education to primary care MD’s to support their knowledge of cardiac-related illness.


CorCare has invested heavily in both diagnostic and medical information technologies. Our clinic houses the newest, most sophisticated diagnostic equipment that is available in any non-hospital environment in Ontario. Using advanced IT, Corcare can accompany our patients every step of the way as they move through the healthcare system. From an outpatient clinic in Pickering to an advanced cardiac surgical centre in downtown Toronto, our electronic medical record ensures timely access to our patient’s vital info.


All CorCare physicians are Royal College certified specialists in Cardiology, and are specialists in the areas of angioplasty, electrophysiology, and nuclear medicine.


Bringing cardiology consultation into our diagnostic facility allows for greater efficiency in identifying potential cardiac issues. Upon diagnosis of an abnormality, CorCare can provide immediate consultation, and through our affiliation with community hospitals, we can provide a consistent level of care through to treatment. Early diagnosis and efficient response lead to quicker access to treatment and less risk of long term complications.

Comfortable Environment

Our friendly and efficient staff will help put you at ease during your visit. Our modern, spacious clinics, with large waiting areas and convenient, free parking at two of our three locations, are just another way we help make your visit more pleasant.

About Us

CorCare provides advanced cardiac and nuclear medicine testing and the specialized expertise of Royal College certified cardiologists and internists.

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