Echo Doppler


What is it?

A transthoracic echocardiogram is a cardiac test that employs ultrasound
to take images of the heart. Your technologist will place an ultrasound
probe on your chest wall and use sound waves aimed at the heart. These
sound waves will bounce off of the heart and produce a series of images
that will help your cardiologist understand the size and structure of
your heart, the blood flow to your heart as well as the function of the
valves in your heart.

What do I need to do?

No special preparation is required. Please bring a valid OHIP Card to your appointment. If you do not have an OHIP Card, please bring another form of government issued ID such as (Drivers License, Passport, or another provincial health card). Please also bring a signed requisition from your physician and arrive 1 5 minutes before your appointment to check in. The receptionist will verify your information and admit you for the procedure.

How long will it take?

Approximately 45 minutes.

What can I expect on the day of my test?

Shortly after you check-in one of our Echo Technologists bring you into the exam room and conduct a brief interview explaining the procedure. You will then be asked to remove your shirt and lie flat on the examining table. The Echo Technologist will apply wires to monitor your heart rate and use a lubricant to your chest to help improve the quality of the images; this may feel cold. The Technologist will gently apply pressure to the probe against your chest wall as they take a variety of pictures of the size, structure and blood flow to your heart.

If your procedure has been ordered with contrast, your technologist will set-up an intravenous line in your hand or arm to administer a contrast agent that will help to visualize your heart muscle better. Contrast administration typically adds 30 minutes to your procedure time.

How long will it take for the results to get to my family physician?

The results of your test will be made available to your physician within 72 hours.

For more information about the echo doppler please email or call 416.284.4744 to speak to one of our technologists.

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