Dr. Raluca Kukreja

Years Practicing: 7

Dr. Kukreja graduated from the University of Toronto where she completed Internal Medicine training for 4 years. She joined the Ajax-Pickering Hospital in 2012 and works as a consultant in the Emergency Department dealing with acutely ill patients. In the outpatient setting her focus is on seeing a variety of cases including any unsolved medical complaints. Her interests include metabolic syndrome, diabetes, lifestyle modification and weight loss.

Dr. Kukreja is fluent in Romanian. She has regularly been involved In teaching and assessing internationally trained medical graduates. When not at work she spends time with her family and also enjoy traveling, cooking and ballroom dancing.

“My work is rewarding. I enjoy working at Corcare with an amazing group of people, all motivated by the same goal to better our community’s health. Diabetes and obesity are growing problems and I want my patients to understand that even a small amount of weight loss can have a significant positive impact. Whenever they are ready to make a change, I can offer personalized guidance and strengthen their motivation for change”

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