Cardiac Management

Cardiac Management


We believe that bringing diagnostic testing and cardiac consultation together in one place is the best way to deliver efficient, highly effective care to our patients. This integrated approach extends beyond our clinic to include physicians and hospitals, ensuring the most rapid, effective treatment possible.

An integrated approach

By making consultation with a
cardiologist available right in our clinic, we have the ability to perform tests and respond rapidly. Should it be necessary, alternate tests can be performed to determine if there are any serious issues, without our patients having to make another appointment with a lab or
specialist’s office.

Working in partnership

At CorCare, we form close partnerships with our patients and their doctors. Referring physicians work with CorCare specialists to provide the highest level of care. Depending on the needs of the patient, a CorCare physician is able to follow a patient’s cardiac treatment directly through to the hospital. This provides tremendous consistency from diagnosis through to treatment with the same specialist managing the patient’s care.

Rapid access to treatment

In the event that a patient is deemed
to be high risk, one of our CorCare
cardiologists can see him immediately. Our cardiologists keep time in their schedules open every day, and in the event of an abnormal test result, they
are always available to consult with
the patient that day.


All CorCare physicians are Royal College certified specialists in cardiology, and are specialists in the areas of angioplasty, electro physiology, and nuclear medicine. Our mandate is to continually support the Community Health System. All of our physicians support this mandate, and work within the catchment area of our community healthcare systems.