Dr. Saleem Kassam

Years Practicing: 20

Dr. Kassam Graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1993. He went on to complete his General Internal Medicine residency in 1997.

Dr. Kassam has served the community as a Cardiology Associate for CorCare since 2007. Dr. Kassam has also served as an interventional cardiologist at the Scarborough Rouge Hospital and cardiac catheterization director.

Dr. Kassam is also actively involved and has been an association member of Doctors Without Borders Canada since 1999 and presently serves as the vice president for the Canada board of directors.

Saleem is an advocate of humanitarian activies and enjoys early morning runs, playing the guitar around campfires, and spending time with his family.

“Ensuring my patients’ physical well-being is just half of my job. Their emotional health is very important, and I want to ensure that they leave here well-informed, empowered, and feeling valued.”